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So, a while back, I thought up an idea for a video game music file format, similar to VGM/NSF/GBS.

Since I don’t know much about programming language at the moment, the way the files are in order with the headers, the VSF type, custom mappers, the metadata, the song metadatas and the song data.

Below is a text file of my fictional format specification.

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That looks like it’ll do the trick! I’ve thought about the possibility of a Virtual Boy music file in the past, but never really settled on a “best solution”. I’m not sure if there’s anything akin to a universal video game audio format out there or not…

If a new one needs to be implemented, we might as well make it a community effort, right? (-:

That’s definitely true. There’s also some VGM logs of Virtual Boy games in the VGMRips packs, which I honestly think weren’t expanded by people for 2 years. Now they had caught up with this since Scooble released the VGM packs of Panic Bomber and Vertical Force, we should get some more in the future. Me and Ostra Diemgi especially want to see the Waterworld soundtrack in VGM form.

Well, at least the mocked-up VSF format will put a lot of people into dumping Virtual Boy music.

BTW, I attached an updated version of the VSF format specification. It now supports song length specification for mode 0, and a few flags to song control in mode 1.

Also, GuyPerfect, why did you leave my Discord server?

Another update has been made so that it now supports version numbering. This is one thing I should’ve included.



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