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I ripped all the songs from Bound High!. I recorded them while it was paused and it sounds a little richer when it’s not paused but when it’s not you get the constant bouncing sound and stuff so it’s the only way anyway. Then it only recorded in mono so any stereo niftyness is lost…

I’ve put all songs in a rar-file for you to download. I’ve included 2 version to every song, one with reverb and one without.


As a bonus, stage 2 from Jack Bros, an awesome song!

[audio src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16049499/JackBros_stage2.mp3" /]


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I am addicted to that Jack Bros song now.

You know, I only noticed just now, but Bound High’s intro soundtrack is very reminiscent of the tunes you would find in the GBA game Kuru Kuru Kururin.

DaVince wrote:
I am addicted to that Jack Bros song now.

Me too!

Not bad. I started a project back in the day where I was going to record all the songs from all the games. It got tedious. I’d would be cool if someone actually pulled it off. It would also be cool if someone made a ROM we could run on our flashboys that was a VB music jukebox which included all the songs from every game, a playlist option, shuffle, repeat, etc.

Added the mp3s to the site (noreverb versions). 🙂


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