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So I have been working on music for my game, and it appears that either the speakers on both my VB units don’t work very well, or it’s some way I’m coding that’s odd. I have three channels for my song: bass, treble, and high treble. The high treble is almost non-audible, I was able to at least get it to be audible to me in the C_5 range. While the treble is near C_4, and the bass is near C_3, G_2. The first draft of the song I wrote was almost unbearable to listen to, but I figured out how to make the volume go down on the bass and treble so you can hear the high treble, but it still almost sounds like a cacophony. It sounds fine on Mednafen.

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Have you tried a pair of headphones or just the built-in speakers? You may also consider sending out your song so others can test on their hardware.

I think I might have fixed the problem. The song I was talking about is the title screen song for Pineapple 64. I discovered that the first digit in the volume refers to the left speaker and the second digit refers to the right speaker. I had values ending in a low number, so that was what made the right speaker not speak up. Now the bass has a value of 0x88, the treble at 0xbb, and the high part at 0xff, so now it seems as though you can hear all of the song now. I still don’t get why it was acting weird. Can I put regular headphones in the Virtual Boy or do I have to get the special Nintendo ones they go on and on about?

Headphones are headphones. As long as they use the standard 3.5mm plug as most consumer audio equipment, they’ll work fine with the VB. I use my Sennheisers when testing my audio code.


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