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I came across this thread :
dunno if it has already be posted here, but i thought it could interest some people here πŸ™‚

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Color me faithless, but I find most of these “I have lots of info, but I’m going to just trickle it out in tiny fragments” a hot load of garbage.
Reminding me a lot of the whole “Polybius” arcade cabinet stuff.
( Great video on that here btw: https://youtu.be/_7X6Yeydgyg )

If you just take this “box art” example he’s provided you can clearly tell the StarFox logo is cut out from another image as you can still see some white pixels around the edges. ( Take the bottom right of the X for example. )

Also, the font used for “REDZONE” is called “Beyond” a font made in 2011 by “imagex”.
Nintendo would have to be pulling off some crazy time travel for that to happen.

Finally, I would question his story about this “box art” being used to show investors. From my experience, this is not common practice, but I think I’ve already put this to bed.

I truly will never understand how/why people like this “Issac” fellow get off on just perpetuating lies. :/

So the images are blurry, but the backing they are pasted onto are not, and they are perfectly rectangular? It is like he lazily tried to make it look like a scan. And how common were image drop-shadows back then?

Wow, this article:


Already quotes VirtuousRage from this very thread. The internet is a weird, self-quoting place.

Wow, that was quick…

Alright, who here wrote that article?

The re-used sprite assets in those screenshots and the modern CG-rendering of the Arwing on the box art make me think this is all a hoax.

Splain wrote:
Already quotes VirtuousRage from this very thread.

I’m famous~!! πŸ˜€

Here is a link to the template of the box he used: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/45/42/a1/4542a18baae82a95ef95f10060810f7e–virtual-boy-box-templates.jpg

It’s downright embarrassing how bad that dude is at trolling.

Wow-za… that’s literally it.
I can’t believe he didn’t even attempt to crop it or anything. xD

That is pathetically fake and a complete bullsheet claim.

Someone tried something similar years back with a Michael Jackson SEGA CD title, and was soon put in their place as a misleading scammer.

I lolled at “shown to investors” – that’s not how the games industry works kiddo…

Maybe the hoaxer is hoping that somebody with a true but secretly held prototype Virtual Boy game will try to contact him and try to make a trade offer.

It’s odd that that the alleged “Isaac” guy who allegedly produced these materials is allegedly super willing to check his alleged hard drive, alleged contacts, etc. for more alleged materials. Like the hoaxer wants people to react with “OMG OMG! YES TELL ISAAC TO GO GET THE STUFF!” as proof that people believe it. If someone pretends to stumble across a couple of screenshots with no backstory, it’s easy (for skeptics and believers both) to shrug their shoulders and say it doesn’t really matter if there’s no additional info. But if there’s a possibility for more readily-available info, then we can froth at the mouth and chomp at the bit, and Hoaxy McHoaxface can sit back and think he’s some sort of master forger.

It doesn’t seem likely under any other circumstance for someone to have a whole bunch of unreleased information, and choose to just publish a small, very questionable amount of it and just say that there’s more. Seems like a playground-level attention grab.

i find this even more funny after the last new :



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