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After being ripped off by Michael Starkey, the only way I’ve been able to think of ending my Virtual Boy collection is to request a Spanish videogame import shop to search for the games on their next trip to Japan. They say that they can find them, and in fact they saw them the last time they went there, but at their traditional expensive prices (but higher, of course, because of the margin they take for the games). The saddest thing of all is that I wouldn’t mind spending the 1,300 euro again, if this would allow me to finish my Virtual Boy game collection. Does somebody have any suggestions on any “marvellous” system which would allow me to finish my Virtual Boy collection without taking the risk I took with Michael Starkey?

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why u ask, your answer is in your post…
now who is pathetic

i have a brillant idea buy of the bloke who bought from me seen as he wants rid of them as i told him he could make his money back providing he sells them together as he got sd gundam at a cheap price but thats upto u and i wouldnt know how u speak to him as he was supposed to come on hear and tell u i sold them to him but he prob wont or to stupid to work out a computer

were is my thanks for your post bumping

3 useless posts in 5 minutes which would’ve wonderfully fit in a single one. that can be considered spamming. insulting people is not nice either. please stop that.


I know a few people with some of those games… I’ll send a couple emails and see if any are for sale (or maybe they have several).


Thanks, DogP, I hope I’m lucky this time around.

i find it comical this subject well anyway virtual bowling is here palacious on ebay from austria so dont say i dont do u any favours

SD Gundam -> 612 €
Virtual Bowling -> Unavailable

Source : secret

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Mik, why do you think this subject is comical? I didn’t find comical being stolen 1,330 euro last year through eBay 🙁 (EDIT: being stolen the money BY YOU!). The experience, of course, has made me sceptical about using eBay for big amounts of money. I was just asking of other ways / methods of buying extremely rare games, just that. I’ve seen the eBay auction here:


If I were to bid in the auction, I would have one or two problems though: although the seller has 100% positive feedback, he only has 4 positive feedbacks as seller, and they are one year old. He has also bought many Virtual Boy items through eBay lately (from his feedback: Virtual Fishing JAP, Jack Bros JAP, Nintendo Power Magazine Vol. 75, Virtual Boy Sunglasses, Vertical Force, VBoy Eye Shade and Wario Land, from the items that show detailed information, I don’t know about the rest). Why would he be willing to sell his Virtual Bowling when he has shown a lot of interest for Virtual Boy items lately? 😕 You could just say that he wants to make money from his Virtual Bowling, but all these facts would make me think it twice before bidding on the auction. Don’t you think this evidence is familiar, Michael?

When I was stolen the money last year by you, you had also bought the games through eBay, but I didn’t give it too much importance since you said in your auction “I just bought them to see what all the fuss was about”, so I thought you wanted to make money from them after seeing that they were just collectable games which had a quality that didn’t justify their price. In the end, it all came out as “I want to finance my buys by ripping off somebody” rather than “I want to make money from them”.

So, would you bid again having experienced what I’ve experienced? I don’t think so. And please Michael, stop being so silly using all the ID’s you have at vr32.de.

Oh, now I remember (and I’ve edited the previous post to adjust it to the truth): Mik = wizard = Michael Starkey = sparkeyflex@ntlworld.com = mickstarkey007@hotmail.com If you don’t believe me, look here:


Come on Michael, it’s pathetic… Let’s see if I can find the other user you had at http://www.vr32.de… 😕 Yes, that’s it, SPARKEYFLEX is the other user you have here… You’re boring, and you even say that you help me by telling me the game is up for auction at eBay? Lame…

Hum, If you’re interested in it, I’ve found a complete version of SD Gundam for 612 €

PS : Edit function does exist

JackFost, I’ve already contacted reliable people to buy the two games I’m missing. Thanks for the offer, though.

And finally Michael, here’s the other posts you had with user Sparkeyflex:


So everyone, be aware of all the ID’s this person uses, and don’t let yourselves get your money stolen :thumpup:

are we playing a game,,,,, u so clever find me 2 more then smart arse 1 oldest1 i had i cant remeber login pass or the email i used and 1 other noobie 1

Thank you very much DogP for your help to get in contact trustful, reliable people to buy SD Gundam and Virtual Bowling (and in fact, for all your help to get my collection to what it is today! 🙂 ). Now that I’ve received them, I have taken pictures of my collection and updated my profile. I hope you enjoy the images 😀

Congrats! The collection looks great!


Congrats on completing your collection!

congrats from me too! big wow at the homemade blox! O_O

Thank you everyone very much! 😀


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