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Ok so growing up during the console wars in the early 90’s I was a big fan of the up coming Super Nintendo Super Disk ( CD-rom) add on.
I recall waiting and waiting for it years of my life went by… then nothing.
Back then I had no idea of what was really going on. We were only limited to the information that EGM ,N.P or GamePro would give us (which I bought every month). We never knew the real details about what Sony was doing.
Now I started doing a bit of research on the Nintendo Disc add on. It was a 32-bit RISC processor which ran at around 21Mhz.

Sound familiar?

I think when Nintendo got scared of Sony, after reading the contract over better and seeing the flopping sega cd system, they backed out of the CD-rom machines and started to focus more on 3-D and virtual reality as that was the new hot topic.

Now since they already had 32-bit hardware on the table they just adapted it and thus made a new make shift project the Virtual Boy.

Now I love my VB to death, but I’am curious of the real history of it.

Perhaps this is why it never got the full attention it deserved, as it was just thrown together as Plan “B” to avoid sony.
I read the creator said he wanted more time with it…

Does anyone know more about the Super Disk?
Don’t the disks look alot like a PSP disk?!
Wow, what a great time we grew up in.
I seriously think the video game industry would be completely different if nintendo would have just stuck with sony.
A 32 -bit mario cd game would have been wicked.

The episode with sony tainted nintendo from using cd-rom in the future and in my opinion set the company back.


Now if only there was some way to hack a Cd-rom to a VB it and link it to a snes.

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Don’t the disks look alot like a PSP disk?!

The discs probably would have looked like the ones from the 64DD system that only came out in japan. Then again Sony would not have let Nintendo go back to using a Floppy style.


For a Plan B, I really like it.

The Virtual boy is like a product not many people know about. Anytime you ask people about Nintendo they always go “Oh I have the Nintendo” Usually referring to the “Nintendo entertainment System [NES]”.

If only Nintendo would have put a little more effort into the Virtual Boy…

I really like it. But great topic!


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