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There’s a videogame exhibit at a museum in Stockholm, Sweden right now and through to April next year. I went there today and they had a buttload of different consoles there. Not all of them though, notable exceptions were:

Philips CD-i
Apple Bandai Pippin
Tiger R-Zone
Atari 5200
Atari 7800

BUT! They did have…

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A Virtual Boy!

It was Mario’s Tennis in there by the way. People seemed impressed with it.

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Wish they had stuff like that closer to where I live!


Glad to see it’s still remembered out in the wild.

Lol…the Pippin, I had truly never heard of that til a month or two ago.

Is it obscured due to the photo angle, or is the VB really missing its eye-shade? I wonder if they had one to put on, but decided not to expose it to vandalism/theft (or maybe one of those two things already happened to it :-P)

That stand is pretty cool.

I went there last weekend, and it did play Mario’s Tennis at first, but when I came back to it a while later it was broken. The mirrors were oscillating, but no image or audio… The cart seemed to be in place too. There was nothing I could do 🙁


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