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Post your methods of taking Virtual Boy screenshots using real VB hardware ITT.

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Wouldn’t the ideal way be to use something like a VirtualTap?

Yes, true.

Virtual Tap is an outlier, how about finding good ways for someone to make a clean picture not using expensive mods. 😀 I’ve tried using cameras of a couple types before, didn’t work out all that well in most cases. I’d have to kill any light source around, then pick one eye piece and try and get a workable angle. Often you’d get a glow and a little blur, but on a rare time it worked it was pretty sharp. I had tried to take some pictures of Hyper Fighting a few months back for someone and got mixed results (and a few other games before that one too.)

You can get semi decent results with a DSLR, but it’s impossible to get the entire picture in focus. I’m pretty happy with these video capture results it provided though.

Smaller lenses can fit the entire screen into the focus area, so some cell phone cameras can work well. It’s definitely not easy to get a decent shot though.

I got this footage from real hardware: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uoPU6yOJJg

I upscaled the VGA footage carefully to 4k (nearest neighbor style filtering)

Using VirtualTap of course!

Yeah I’ve tried on occasion using my iphone8plus and it works, but it’s anything but sharp.

See for yourself.

That was after quite a few attempts to not be downright blurry. I do have a nikon digital camera I could try on a monopod as it’s kind of frisky on its own without being stabilized like that but I doubt it would improve.

It’s not sharp, but it appears that a majority of the frame is intact.


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