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My Playasia.com package arrived, got Teleroboxer and V-Tetris for Virtual Boy and a SNES/NES to Wii(even though it dosent have the U.S NES pinout).
I tried both VB games
V-Tetris was meh, a normal tetris game
The 3D effect is soo cool, its like in your FACE! Go to play-asia.com and get a copy of teleroboxer, its only 14 bucks!
I thought that cuz the game is japanese that would mean the menu would be hard to figure out but there wasn’t any japanese at all! This game is a must have if you own a Virtual Boy!!! Its sooo epic!

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That is an awesome game it always kicked my butt though. I need to play it more. Wait till you play Red Alarm and Wario Land!

Yeah, I had Teleroboxer years ago, but haven’t tracked it down again (yet). I do remember it being tough as nails, though… the first guy is pretty easy, but the second always destroyed me, haha. I remember getting to the third guy ONCE. Really hard, but really fun nonetheless!

Red Alarm is pretty challenging too, I think I need to get a better feel for the controls… practice makes perfect! πŸ˜‰

Beating telerboxer isn’t very hard, you just have to memorize the patterns of each boss and work on your reaction times. And use the super attacks. πŸ˜‰

I agree 100 percent, Teleroboxer is my favorite VB game! I always wished it was a little longer though. I haven’t played that many boxing games, but I think it beats Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out by a long shot…

Anyone know where i can get a cheap WarioLand for Virtual Boy? i really wanna find some more games.

Zubari95 wrote:
Anyone know where i can get a cheap WarioLand for Virtual Boy? i really wanna find some more games.

ebay, dude, ebay.

Yeah, ebay’s your best bet. You might also try Amazon, I’ve had good luck with the sellers there. In either case, make sure and read the descriptions carefully so you know what you’re getting.

I think opposite, I don’t like Teleroboxer because I find it hard to play and even harder to win at. I love V-Tetris because… it’s Tetris!

Teleroboxer is nice but very hard.
About the 3D effect, if you let the game run on a Emulator and turn on a 3D Methode, you can see, that only the Head of the Enemy has 3D Effects. VTetris does have almost no real 3D.


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