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So I’m sure many of you are aware that Tetris Effect is a VR Tetris game with the ability to clear lines way above 4. People are touting this as a brand new achievement in Tetris (the VR and Tetris+ line clearing) but you can literally do the exact same thing in V-Tetris (while in cylindrical puzzle mode).

So I honestly think of Tetris Effect as a remake of sorts of our very own V-Tetris.

Anyone else have this same reaction?

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I guess the ideas are there, but V Tetris certainly wasn’t trying to be all that great in the music department, in fact, the V Tetris music isn’t all that great. I know Tetris Effect is definitely big on the musical experience as well as visual, which is what the guys making it have always strived for in their games.

It is cool that they happen to have some similar features though

I also watched a YouTube video for Tetris Effect with over 4.2 million views, in which it was stated that the game allows you “for the first time in Tetris history actually to clear more than 4 lines at once.”


There’s a lot of that in this new wave of VR. Especially a few years ago. They claim they invented it when in fact most of it started 20 years ago. They know it usually too. Have to think their marketing department is getting involved.

Great example is Oculus with reduced smear displays. For a while they were trying to take credit when it had been done for TVs for many years before and even for micro displays in HMDs for 5 years before them.

Yes, I agree that the musical aspect is definitely the biggest difference but I was just blown away when they made the other two declarations.
It’s just sad that achievements in tech done on the VB 23 years ago have basically went 100% unnoticed by the gaming community as a whole.

Meh, this sorta thing always happens, the past is easily forgotten. At least we know better in this case.

Even 23 years later I’d still say VB is quite revolutionary and did almost all the stuff people are raving about now. If it had been in color I’m certain it still wouldnt have been a success though as bad press about it causing various body harm was highly detrimental.

In case some people didn’t believe me, because I’m sure not everyone has played V-Tetris. Look a 15 line Tetris+ accomplishment but you can honestly do quite a few more lines then that.

15 = Decapentris!
I believe they said 16 was the max in Tetris Effect but you could get up to a 20 I believe in V-Tetris!

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