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Hello. I know I’m not a frequent user of this forum but there was some important clarifications I wanted to make to the members.

Now, I believe, from my only exchanges with KR155E, that we are on good terms. I may have already told him this in the past though, but I can’t remember or find any e-mail records of it.

To be honest, I was the person who claimed to have written a rejected script for the game, and I also was the fake ‘Tower of Infinity’ person who used an IntSys icon to try and pose as legitimate. I said I was looking for Dragon Hopper plus two made-up games as well as provide a legitimate employee e-mail (Atsushi Ikuno) to avert suspicion. I originally got in contact with him through a japanese friend but he didn’t actually have much to say. As far as the attempted scam, it went a bit further than it should’ve and I finally realized that I was not willing to make such an outrageous leap to carry such a rotten scheme out. I still had enough sanity.

The next time when I tried contacting Ikuno, he mentioned the Tower of Infinity group, showed a forum link, and I replied to him telling him simply that it was a sham. If I had more confidence in their english communication skills, I’d message him and IntSys and wholeheartedly apologize for impostoring them and tell them what my actual concerns are.

I don’t want to sound like a total psycho or anything but I’ve had some slight mental problems that I’ve managed to get under control. It was around this time during the Dragon Hopper thing that I was learning to stop using internet anonymity to troll or make things worse for people. It was just some awful OCD crap that had me driven to do something stupid but in the past I had said and did a lot worse things than even that so I’m glad to say I haven’t done this in years. I hope you understand and can forgive me for it.

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Its ok
I used to go around to some people on here and pretend I had a prototype of the Mario game just to see if I could manage to get some info about the game or if anyone even had the prototype but no luck
I never went around taking fake images or trying to sell it online because I am not a scammer and will prob

Dr. Jeckidy wrote:
I’ve had some slight mental problems that I’ve managed to get under control.

Glad you are doing better now.


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