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Just wondering what you thought about the 4 VB games released
SD Gundam Dimension War: I really thought this game would be the best out of the 22 vb games exept wario land, but no
Maybe it`s just me but when I play it on the virtual boy I really don`t know if I am moving troops, leaders and so on
The game is also very slow when moving your units
Also when I am attacking it`s really hard to see how much life you and your opponent has
For now this game is a ok game but maybe when I play more of it I will understand more

Space Invaders Virtual Collection: the best of the 4 games by far
Thought I don`t really see the difference between the 2D, 3D and 3D part 2
Maybe I will find out in time but for now of the 4 I recomend this game

Virtual Bowling: worse then I thought since when you are going to throw the ball you get like ½ a second to throw or the ball always misses the pins
Other then that I like the game since you get to choose things like: what hand to throw with, how heavy the ball should be and so on
Nice music and all

Virtual Lab: Not one of the best VB games out there, but is ok at times

Even thought the 4 rare vb games are now released there are still atleast 10 vb games I would recomened people to play more then any of the 4 rare ones
Still always fun to have new games I suppose
So yeah, try all the vb games (even water world) and give it some time before you say the games suck
Never believe what you see or hear since in the end it`s all about how you like the games

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I’ve noticed that most of your posts are for the most part random, or do not add much atall to whatever the thread topic is. 😕

HAHA well I write stuff on my mind
I try to follow the tpoic, but mostly I just ask epeople about there threads and so on


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