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Do not trust this person on the website claiming to be a professional buisiness, this is a lie and he knows it. This is the same guy who came into an IRC channel and asks for money donations and never does what he says he does. See why the post is fishy? This guy collects and sells fake prototypes like home-made EEPROMs on eBay. All the rights and stuff is BULLSHIT. There was and still IS a group called Tower of Infinity that is trying to get Dragon Hopper released but this is NOT the real group, it is BULLSHIT. This guy has contacts who sell or give him source code so that is where he aquires this **** so he can make fake copies and sell it at CGE or some cheapass convention. They did NOT aquire a Dragon Hopper prototype (unless it was sold to them by a collector) and they are NOT a licensed company. He even posted Atsushi Ikuno’s e-mail (from IntSys) which is bold because Mr. Ikuno can confirm that this is BULLSHIT! Have I said enough?

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