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These forums are REALLY dead. A good reason is that ever sence I signed up there is only 1 POST A DAY in these forums.Reply if you agree with me.

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I agree it’s dead… but IMO that’s good. I find wading through stupid posts like “LOLZ!!!1 Teh Virtula Boyeee iiss TEH BOMMM!!!” to be annoying. If there’s nothing to talk about, why talk? I really like how this forum is… usually when there’s a new post, it’s actually worth reading, unlike most forums I visit where only a few posts out of several hundred interest me, and maybe one is actually worth replying to.


Yeah i agree not too many posts this is pretty much my favourite forum i check it everdyay during my time on the computer and it kinda sucks seing no one reply to a comment or something i try n make a few threads if i got a question etc.

i mainly go on the homepage check on the right hand side bar to see new posts, thats about it.

i was thinkin of puttin up a few threads like questions people may know the answer too, like what posters about the virtual boy did nintendo power give out, i can only think of the waterworld one.

i recently had my friends come over they dislike the virtual boy they aint one of those retro people they just go ahh my eyes hurt or this is boring or something but its also hard telling them the controls when theyve probably never seen the controller before or how the game works.

like i would be askin ok for mario tennis a is to hit it normal and b is like a lob move around left right up down and of course they would keep missing, teleroboxer was one of the hard ones to teach but that games real awesome, i dunno why they hate it i think its a awesome little thing and if the virtual boy had as many quality games as the gameboy i would rather the 3d red an black then a small black and white screen.

anyway they r a few theads u might see pop up.

Also once again thanks dogp your guide is awesome on opening the virtual boy up im glad people like you are around =D

I wouldn’t call several posts a day REALLY dead, but otherwise I agree with DogP.

(There, now I too have contributed with a meaningless post :P)


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