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Japanese blog “Tokyo Nerd” has found, ripped and shared a Virtual Boy in-store promo VHS tape (バーチャルボーイイメージビデオ) that was sent to retailers in 1995 to promote the Virtual Boy.

The actual video contained on the tape is a bit over 2:40 minutes long and is repeated over and over for an hour to fill the whole tape. It is like an extended version of the already known Japanese Virtual Boy commercials and also includes edited footage from the Winter CES show that took place in Las Vegas in January 1995.

Here is the video in all its flashy glory for your enjoyment.

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When you here the random sounds at the beginning there’s a sampling of Roy Batty from “Blade Runner” (1982) towards the end where he says “time..”.

That is extremely good quality for VHS, especially given the age of the tape. It must have been played very little, if at all, before Tokyo Nerd acquired it. He must also have a top-of-the line player in great condition. Anyone feel like adding English subs to the YT video?

@RunnerPack: I want to cut out one 2:40 segment from the above video and mirror it. Would love to add subtitles with the help from someone who can supply a translation.

The VB look cool in this commercial, I hope traduce this video after! :thumpup:


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