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Last night I personally pulled out one of my copies of Wario Land and played it for around 2 hours. It was a good experience like always and it really had me thinking that it would be cool to build a Mario hack of Wario Land. But that’s just a thought, anyways what Virtual Boy game have you been playing?

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oddly enough that was the last game I played as well, it really is to me the best game on the system, lovely graphics, solid gameplay and great sound.

A Mario rom hack would be pretty awesome! I’m surprised no one has done it already! πŸ™‚

I always go to that game when I want to be reminded how nice a VB game truly can be. Though the games Teleroboxer, Virtual Fishing and WaterWorld demonstrate the best graphics on VB.

The games that I’ve been playing recently or will be playing again soon are all project-related. Thus, the last VB game I played was Virtual Fishing, and the main reason why I played it was to create the English translations for the game. The next game that I’ll be playing very soon again is Faceball, and that’s because I hope to release my 20th Anniversary Edition of the game sometime in September, so in just a little over a month from now. After that, I’ll be playing Mansion of Insmouse again, as part of the work on the All Hallow’s Eve version of the game that I hope to release on Halloween of this year.

Red Alarm was the last title I played. I played Teleroboxer that same day since I picked them up together. Both fun titles!

I’ve been playing Panic Bomber alot lately. I absolutely love the 3-D animated effects that you get when you cause a 4-chain reaction or higher. I swear thats the reason why they put this game on the Virtual Boy. Pluss the music is just fantastic!

Panic Bomber is actually one of my most frequently played as it has extreme replay value being a puzzle game.

Let’s not forget Vertical Force one of the only games w/ 100% 3D sprites and bosses!

Vertical Force is a game for the VB that I wish came out with a part 2. Its a very impressive title.

I agree, actually it’s s game that impresses many people new to the VB. πŸ™‚

Last one I played was Inmouse no Yakata. Apparently when I played it on my flashboy I didn’t give it much of a chance. Now that I have the physical version I kind of ‘forced’ myself to play it more, and actually, it’s a really neat game. It controls quite well once I got used to it, and the survival aspect is actually pretty thrilling! Also I like all the different paths you can take for the different endings. Definitely more fun than I originally gave it credit for.

The last one I played was SFII. It has been a while since I set up my VB. I would never put it away if I had a way to play it while in my easy chair. I should look into getting a cheap mic stand or symbol mount and make an adjustable stand.

I played Galactic Pinball for the first time today. It’s not my usual kind of game but I’m loving it! So many cool, hidden features especially the bonus round where you fly underneath the table and have to shoot down enemies!

It was also interesting to find out that Gunpei Yokoi managed the development of the game. Planning to load the prototype Space Pinball onto my Flashboy+ soon to see how it came about.

Err, like most people on here the last game I played was Wario Land. Way back in early 1996, at a display kiosk in a Toys R Us. /:

It’s been a while.

the snatcher demo or hyper fighting.

Released games would be pinball πŸ™‚


Snatcher shows so much promise, it’s truly a marvel. πŸ™‚

Snatcher demo and Hyper fighting last night on my flashboy+

My very last was Red Alarm when I solder-fixed a display for a local game store that had given up hope on selling it. It had the game inside, so I tested that at the store to show it off.

Before that, Wario Land was the last one I really played. I have an emergency VB with Wario at my band practice space, and it came in handy when I needed a break. I ran an audio patch cable from the headphone port to our mixer, and got a nice 1000 watt bass-heavy stereo sound going.

I’ve been playing the full version of Hyper Fighting.

HF is a fantastic game. Hope you didn’t need to remortgage your house to get a copy.

I’ve been playing bound high (another great game) and waterworld, for some reason I find waterworld really addictive.

Actually I enjoy Waterworld too, its almost like a guilty pleasure, haha.

Last game I played was galactic pinball. Doubled my latest high score (a little over 16 million). Still no where near as good as the high scores on here though =P


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