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About the link cable. I’m just wondering if it was ever tried with nestors funky bowling. I was looking at the game on ebay and in the description for it (the one generated by ebay itself usually from the back of the box of a game) it says this:

If you’re in the mood for something a little different in your bowling game, then NESTER’S FUNKY BOWLING might be right up your alley. Choose from Nester or his twin sister Hester and hit the lanes for some wacky bowling action. While the bowling itself is standard fare, you’ll get some nutty reactions from Nester and Hester, depending on how you play. Just try not to make them too frustrated, or you’ll see the biggest tantrum ever thrown in a bowling alley! There are three different gameplay modes available, and you can even go head-to-head with a friend to see who is the lord of the lanes. If you’re looking for hot bowling action without the ugly and uncomfortable shoes, then NESTER’S FUNKY BOWLING is exactly what you need

I wonder if two player mode was still in that game. probably not and I bet DogP already tried it but I figured I’d point it out on the slim chance he did’nt.

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Lame! I just realized they probably meant by alternating play between two people. I’m an idiot. how misleading…

Yeah, I tried, along with every other game both on hardware and in the emulator (watching the link port memory locations for activity). There are a few games that touch it, but nothing that actually does anything. I do still wonder if there’s link port code in some games, just disabled, which could be re-enabled by patching the ROM.



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