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An incredible high score challenge has just been started by Benjamin Stevens, who is offering to give away the two rarest released Virtual Boy games, Virtual Bowling and SD Gundam Dimension War for free to whoever beats his high scores! That’s collector’s gems worth about $2,000! Here are the two options for you to win the challenge:

  1. Obtain higher scores than Ben (or tie his high scores) in 30 different modes across all the officially released Virtual Boy games.
  2. Obtain higher scores than Ben (or tie his high scores) in 20 different modes across the officially released Virtual Boy games, but no scores may be obtained in 3D Tetris.

All scores must be submitted to this site using the site rules; therefore, all high scores must be gotten on a real Virtual Boy without using cheats, so no scores from an emulator will be accepted. In addition, you must supply a screenshot for each high score as proof, so that you obtain gamer points on this site for each score.

The first person to meet the above criteria will be the lucky winner of both a complete copy of Virtual Bowling in very good condition (just a little rough around the edges on the box) as well as a complete copy of SD Gundam Dimension War in even better condition!

Until this challenge comes to its conclusion, Ben won’t be posting any more high scores. Thus, any scores posted in a mode, for which he has no high score posted at all, automatically count towards the goal of 30 or 20. Also, those who already have higher scores than him in particular modes already have a head start towards the goal.

You can find additional information in Ben’s original posting here.

Highscores can be viewed, submitted and tracked in the games section. A list of all of Ben’s scores to beat can be found in his profile. Further down this post, you can also find a list of all modes, for which highscores can be submitted.

Happy high score hunting!

highscore_challenge_virtual_bowling highscore_challenge_sd_gundam

3-D Tetris
– 3-D Tetris – Type A – Easy
– 3-D Tetris – Type A – Normal
– 3-D Tetris – Type A – Hard
– 3-D Tetris – Clear It! – Easy
– 3-D Tetris – Clear It! – Normal
– 3-D Tetris – Clear It! – Hard
– Center Fill – Type A – Easy
– Center Fill – Type A – Normal
– Center Fill – Type A – Hard
– Center Fill – Type B – Easy
– Center Fill – Type B – Normal
– Center Fill – Type B – Hard
– Center Fill – Clear It! – Easy
– Center Fill – Clear It! – Normal
– Center Fill – Clear It! – Hard

Galactic Pinball
– Cosmic
– Colony
– Alien

Mario Clash
– Highscore

Nester’s Funky Bowling
– “Bowl” Mode
– “Challenge” Mode

Panic Bomber
– Very Easy (Boss Battle: Normal)
– Easy (Boss Battle: Normal)
– Normal (Boss Battle: Normal)
– Hard (Boss Battle: Normal)
– Very Easy (Boss Battle: Skull)
– Easy (Boss Battle: Skull)
– Normal (Boss Battle: Skull)
– Hard (Boss Battle: Skull)

Red Alarm
– Easy Mode
– Normal Mode
– Hard Mode

Space Invaders Virtual Collection
– Virtual 3D (Space Invaders)
– Virtual 3D (Space Invaders Part II)
– Original 2D (Space Invaders)
– Original 2D (Space Invaders Part II)
– Challenge (Time Attack)
– Challenge (Score Attack)

Space Squash
– Highscore

– Victories

– Mode A
– Mode B
– Mode C

Vertical Force
– Easy Mode
– Normal Mode
– Hard Mode

Virtual Bowling
– Standard Mode
– Tournament Mode (3 Games)

Virtual Boy Wario Land
– First Quest
– Second Quest

Virtual Lab
– Highscore

– Highscore

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I’ve been dying to get these two games, and am definately taking the challenge.

Dammit I suck at all these games. No Virtual Bowling or SD Gundam for me. πŸ™

This is an awesome contest, but there’s no way I could possibly beat some of Ben’s scores. >:( :thumpup:

Yes, Ben’s scores are really good, but don’t let this demotivate you. Just look at what you could win. 😎

There’s a total of 53 high score modes currently listed on PVB (38 without 3-D Tetris), so there’s plenty of opportunities. Not all of his scores have to be beaten to win the challenge.

When I have the time, I’ll definitely try to get some good scores as well. πŸ™‚

Congratulations to User: M.K., who conquered The Ultimate High Score Challenge on 6/15/12 with 30 high scores submitted to this site that were better than or equal to mine, all with screenshots to prove them.

I will be mailing you the two games with tracking number and full insurance as soon as we get in touch and as soon as I can first get to a post office.

Ah well, at least I put up a good fight (and it was fun learning to speedrun Wario Land). Congrats M.K.

You did put up a good fight indeed, sebmal. Thanks for all your submissions.

If you were planning to post high scores for Red Alarm and Vertical Force, I hope that you will still do so. I would love to play those games again but need good human high scores for good motivation.


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