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Does anybody on here actually own a V-Tetris Flash Badge? I personally have never seen one available for sale or auction. The images of the V-Tetris Flash Badge, which can be found on this site in the Merchandise section, appear to have been taken from an auction at some point, but if there was an auction, then it must have occurred before I got into Virtual Boy collecting.

Anyway, here is my English translation of the V-Tetris Flash Badge article appearing on page 165 of Famitsu Magazine, Issue Number 357, dated October 20, 1995:

Commemorating the Release of “V-Tetris”!
We’re Giving Away Flash Badges!

一世を風靡した『テトリス』の3D大迫力バージョン『V・テトリス』、もっちろんみんなプレーしたよね! そんなみんなのために、ピカピカ光るフラッシュバッジを10名にプレゼントしちゃうのだ。欲しい人は、ファミ通『テトリスバッジ』係まで応募してね。
We bet you all have been playing “V-Tetris” — a very impressive 3-D version of “Tetris,” which has taken the world by storm — isn’t that right? For ten of you, we would like to give you a shining flash badge. Those who are interested, please send an application to Famitsu’s “Tetris Badge” department.

It shines in the dark!

At first glance, it appears to be just another badge, but when you press the center button, it emits a shiny light. Wow!

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Wow, that would be a cool item to come across!

Oh neat, I could show the world how much I love Tetris!


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