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Well its a review and a really bad one. Virtual Boy is my favorite system and im always watching VB releated videos on you tube and I came across these two videos and I figured that since these reviews had okay rateings I figured this guy would take an honest look like AVGN did, but boy was I wroung this person is worse than that review I posted from that crappy video game collecting book about a month ago. This person dos not in any way shape or form take an honeset look at the system he just says the system sucks beacause it diddnt do good, ive had it up to here with people judgeing a system by sales charts. I dont care if he likes the system or not but he needs to show his reasons like AVGN did. All the die hard VB fans like myself should watch this video just for some thing to make fun of,like what this iddiot said about marios tennis.

part 1 of Virtual Boy review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK9XuMurrM4

horrible review part two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ_3s2YQo30

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This guy is a total muppet, no more than that, muppets do amuse me. This guy just don’t get it, he’s made no effort to find out anything about the unit yet goes ahead and does a 8 min review, I couldn’t actually watch it all, his voice just grated on me and i turned it off, not worth the disc space or indeed the time from your life.

The review may be crap, but I kind of like his way of talking. What is ironic to me is that in the first part, he says how he considers the VB to not be portable, and then at 3:00 he shows his huge PSP case.

Yeah I know I just made my self watch it just to see if he said good about the system and of course he diddnt. Yeah also the only reason why he has that bulky psp case is beacause the psp sales good.P.S psp is a great system to.

Yeah those were okay. Also I couldent find the symphoney of the night video.

here it is. this guy doesn’t seem to know much about what makes a game good. if it doesn’t have FMV he doesn’t like it. he keeps saying its good but bad or bad but good…


Why You show it to me? I written a comment to this …. bad review. 🙂
Now he reply me. :_)

I watched the video it was pretty funny the only review I saw of his were he stuck to his opion was the one for spot goes to hollywood, also the one for quest 64 was funny at the begging he says its good game and at the end he says it sucks you should check those videos out lol. SoNick_RND I posted this so everyone could make fun of it.

I didn’t mind the AVGN review, I love the Virtual Boy and all of its games, and he was just being honest.

But What bothers me is he reviews 13 games, says that’s all of them, an Leaves out Jack Bros.

He does say that he’s missing Jack Bros., but “it’s rare, expensive, and probably not worth jack shit”. Fair enough IMO.


Think I forgot about that quick lil blurb at the end. It was months ago since I last saw it, and all I remembered was him playing 13 and saying i’m holding all the games from North America.

Oh well.

I’ll have all 14 soon enough 😛 then I’ll make a review

He mentions Jack Bros at the end but that annoyed me to when he said ‘this is all of them I just reviewed every virtual boy game to be relesed in north america thats right im holding the entire library of games for this piece of s#$%’ Also im glad to hear that your getting Jack Bros to complete your U.S collection, I hope to get the other three games I need after christmas.

What games do you need?

I don’t have Jack Bros. yet 🙁 looking for ANY place to buy it with a good label, there’s one on ebay now but label is destroyed!

Unless someone can reprint it for me 😛

I need Waterworld, 3D Tetris, and Jack Bros, im probly going to get the import verison since the american one is so expensive. I would help you out with the reprint of the label but whenever I try to print out pictures with my printer it always looks all pixilated and bad.

VBrulez haha at first I thought that was the first 2 parts of my vb review on youtube lol 😛

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No ive seen your VB videos and they were good and you actully did a great job unlike that one iddiot.

yEah my review was not perfect but nice to hear you liked it 😀

The video is worth jack shit, while Jack Bros is not!

How can he insult the controller? It had batteries on it before it was cool!

RCAstudioII wrote:
How can he insult the controller? It had batteries on it before it was cool!

And nobody seems to realize that it’s the most comfortable controller ever. Plus its trigger buttons are placed in a much better position than every other system where they’re on top…


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