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I just came across the website by accident a few days ago, and I’ve kept coming back. I’m a long-time VB fan, and I’m glad that there is such an extensive website like PVB.

Unfortunately… I know very little German, so that’s a problem, especially with the classified ads, which mostly are in German…

Other than that, the amount of detail, and amount of information is just plain awesome! I’m gonna definitely hang out around here.

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This site is a lot like the Virtual Boy itself: However awesome it may be, the fame it receives is vastly disproportionate.

What he says though is right. Large threads and the width goes like boom…



This and a VirtualBoy.net are the best VB sites around. This one is updated much more frequently though. Enjoy it! This is a good site that’ll keep the VB alive!!

*agrees with everthing mentioned above* I will do everything to promote this page ^^

****** Yes yes yall….this Planet really RAWKS ! ! *******
Very nice VB like Layout and very complete to…I like surfin trough this Page and after my new games arive I will write some tests….(Warioland is still untested??) Can’t believe …..


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