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I would like to take this opportunity to thank DogP and KR155E for their huge effort on development and production of the FlashBoy. The “product” really is so easy to use and neatly put together. The design of the packet and the label is awesome. The mini CD that fits in the packet is also a great idea. This just showed me how online communities can truly change the world or in this case at least the “Planet VirtualBoy” (Yeah KR155E thanks for that too). This tool will boost the scene and is a VirtualBoy cartridge that mustn’t be missing in any collection.

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Everyone else who wants to say something about that is most welcome to express their thoughts.

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You are forgetting Richard H., who was the person that developed the circuitry of the FlashBoy. I think he also deserves a HUGE thank you.

I’m glad someone likes it πŸ™‚

If it wasn’t for Chris doing the connectors and casing etc, I would’nt have made more than a couple of carts. There’s just so much involved in getting them made, and it’s all done ‘in-house’ as they say.

Wow, it works!! This is the most fantastic flash cartridge Ever!! Thank you soo much, Chris & Co!

// Fredrik from Sweden!

Heh, yeah… I didn’t really do much for the Flashboy… just helped troubleshoot some of the problems and wrote a small utility or two. But yeah… it’s great that Richard got this off the ground, and that KR155E was able to help with the assembly of the carts.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing new dev’rs coming up with some cool projects and not just a bunch of kids asking OMGZ!!!! I GOTZ ME A FLAHSBOYLOLZ!! WEHRE CAN I GTE TEH RAER ROMZZ AT!?!?!?!???? πŸ˜› .


I’d also like to add my thanks and offer congratulation to the team.

Well done the lot of you – it’s the sort of thing that could only happen from a group of dedicated fans. Doing something like this for the love of it rather than for money is beautiful.

Thank you – my hat is doffed.


Of course I did not mean to forget a very important contributor (Richard H.). I just didn’t follow the development that much. THX to everyone who made it possible.

Just received my Flashboy today !
Well Done the lot of you !!
It really ROX….Thanks for the deep of my heart !!

Just received but I’m short of time to try it.
However I played the three first Blox levels and it’s a very good game ^^
It reminds me “Adventures of Lolo” (also known as “Eggerland”), which is a game I liked playing.

Thanks a lot

I want to add my thanks to everyone involved in this “fleshboy” project.
It’s an incredible thing… i think it’s unbelievable that you were able to do this for an almost forgotten over ten years old flop console.

Fleshboy?!??! LOL, that would be great! I’ve got many flesh hanging from my tummy XD (just joking)

FleshBoy is actually a living virtual boy that walks around your house and you play him instead of petting him. preorders are going to be underway soon.

Great! This morning my Flashboy arives and my first impression is : Awesome! The Box design is so cool and everithing looks very professionell….can’t write more because I have to try Space Invaders !
Big up 2 KR155E,Richard and DogP
May the force be with you! πŸ˜‰


I just got mine now too! To bad I’m at work and won’t be able to try it out yet. πŸ™

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Yes ! I just want to say: It rocks! Easy to flash and pad the Games everything works just great!
thanxx again !

I also recently received my cart, and what a great item this is. Professionally put together, with software included (even some homebrew titles to test).
Not the cheapest, but this is a fan project… that aside the attention to detail is flawless. The packaging is particularly impressive and worthy of Nintendo’s seal of approval all by itself. I have found no problems or complaint whatsoever, with the service and product delivered in a very timely manner.

Thanks, and a pat on the back to all parties included in creating a vital addition to the Virtualboy community.



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