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I decided to make a one-player Tic-Tac-Toe game. Yes, I know DogP made a Tic-Tac-Toe game, but (no offense) it isn’t really playable. I tried looking at the source code and it all looks like gibberish. So, I’m trying to make my own here. I’ve posted what I have so far (which isn’t very much besides a fancy title screen). I think I may be able to pull this off, but I need a little help, though. What I want to do with the logic is have a turn counter, and, depending on whose turn it is (the computer or yours), go to a different section of code. What I would normally do in a basic-like structure is, “if turn=1 then goto turn_1, if turn=2 then goto turn_2”, etc., So how would I do this in C without using the goto command? Any simple example code will do.

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haha yeah I dont lie
I accept this if he will make better games in the future, learning is the key but this game would in my opinion be rank high

I am not anti all because even the tron game is an example of a very basic game but that has some nice features that does make ir a ok game
The 3D intro and the text before you start are really good ideas that was in the tron movie

Just saying that its good he makes games to learn but if he had something unique in this game it would in my opinion be good enought to actually want to put on the vb
Even if the game would only be like 5 in a row but where there are maybe 100 squares and you can change the computer from easy, normal, hard then in my opinion it would be fun

What do you mean by 3D? You mean like the title screen, where something is behind something?

3D background like the one you have in the intro but placed deeper in the screen – with perspective – the basic meaning of having a Virtual Boy. 😉

I really liked the samples, reminded me of the “He slimed me” sample in Ghostbusters on the C64.

akumie wrote:
it is not good enought game to actually take the time to put on your vb

Of course, I think that most of the homebrew that has been released is that way. (No offense to anyone.) I don’t know how much further this can be pushed… (I mean, it is Tic-Tac-Toe) Maybe give the whole grid a perspective affine transformation? 😀

(Actually, the first time I played it was 5 minutes ago and I have to say that I like your choice of voice samples, Chris)

Only tried the game on emulator so didnt hear the sound but I have said what I think can be added to the game

In the homebrew scene I do admit many games I would never play more then once/year (at most) but there are some nice homebrew games like blox 2, vb racing, mario vb, tron…

Its not really the theme of the games that I dont like, its more about the modes and how short some games are
Any game can be fun in the long run if it has levels, not really for games that only have 1 level but where you can get points

still looking forward to the competition because the creator of the demo yeti3D said he is working on something special for the competition 🙂

Added a scrolling background in the game (it only scrolls when the game is in progress.) To do this, I had to get rid of the cursor and replace it with a flashing X.


@akumie: Run it in mednafen then…

: The grid disappeared and the background scrolls very jerky. Using the same X as cursor that is used when playing is not very good, it’s not visible when placed on top of an already placed X. Same in both mednafen and RealityBoy.
Scrolling background is perhaps not necessary, just add some depth – I thought this was easy when you used the same picture for both left and right eye, just placed at different offsets to make it appear as it’s behind the playfield.

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  • This reply was modified 14 years ago by e5frog.

Made it so the cursor cannot be on a space that is already marked. I also made the winning combo (if there is one) blink.


so this is 100% finished?

More like abandoned. I may come back to it once GoSub 2 is finished.


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