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I think i lett the Picture Speak, absolutely awesome πŸ˜€ i am so happy. Like Christmas in August πŸ˜€

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That’s some very cool stuff! What is the Game Boy cart?

Gameboy emulator pre loaded with some gb games, one would presume

Nice score, looks like you’ll be having fun

Nice! Where did you get this stuff from?

Wait, Mario Kart is a thing?

Oh, a homebrew thing is it? Must’ve missed catching that one before.

Yes its a Homebrew Mario Kart. But sadly there is only a Demo version with some Timetrail Tracks but its fun playing around with it πŸ™‚
Same for VB Racing. Sadly that these two games are not in developement anymore because they are booth potentialy realy good playable and a full version would be a dream πŸ˜€

The Gameboy Emulator takes me some time to finde some good playable games but we found some that are realy nice playable πŸ˜€

Is there any way to change what is loaded on the Gameboy Emulator?? What games do you have on there now??

No thats not possible. Or not possible for me, dont know if it is with a flasher. I can list wich games i have on it next days when i have a bit more time. If you have a Flashboy or preordered a Hyperflash32 then you can download the GB Emulator also here and add your own games (but most will not work or unplayable slow, for me it took ~6-8 hours to test all the games who i think i would play on VB and arround 5-6games are run nearly full speed and 8 or 10 otherd run not full speed but good playable , i tested arround 150 games..)
I will list them next few days πŸ™‚

I hope you can see it but these games i take (most of them are EU or German versions, only the games that are not localized not)
All the games run from a bit slower but good playable to nearly perfect (only sound is in most cases a bit confusing because the VB Sound is not the same as from a Gameboy)

Awesome, thanks for the follow-up

Where did you pick up the Gameboy cartridge? Would love to take a look and maybe add it to my collection as well, it looks like a great piece of kit.

I reply you in chat πŸ™‚

I’ve heard of some making that gameboy emulator into a cart with the best working stuff for it. I dabbled a little when I had that crusty kit for a short while the flashboy. Maybe some day when the new wave gets out there I’d try it again. It’s a shame though it never got developed more as old gameboy would really give some added choice to the thing to do.


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