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Anyone willing to trade my Gundam and Space Invaders for a nice copy of Virtual Bowling? They are both in new condition and mint in box.

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no one?

My guess is that the few people who have managed to lay hands on a copy of Virtual Bowling for their collections are unlikely to want to part with it… and are probably also unlikely to have a spare copy kicking around.

I really want to complete my VIrtual Boy collection, but the damn game is nearly impossible to find.
Anyone who knows how many copies there exists?

Tokyo Toy Factory has had a complete-in-box copy listed on Amazon Japan for a long while now:

I don’t know why they’ve never listed it on eBay, especially since they’ve listed several copies of Gundam and Space Invaders on eBay in the past, all of which were in near mint condition.

It says you can contact them in English, so maybe you should look into it and find out more about the condition. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are being very modest with their “Good Condition” description. It could very well be near mint like the several copies of Gundam that they sold on eBay in the last few years. I swear that they probably had a brand new 10-piece box of Gundams that they just opened, selling off the games inside individually. The same thing might even apply to Virtual Bowling. It’s a huge store and very trustworthy.

He doesn’t have the game anymore. 🙁

Marioguy wrote:
He doesn’t have the game anymore. 🙁

Sadly, I am rather confident that this Tokyo Toy Factory seller on eBay is the same Tokyo Toy Factor seller whom you contacted on Amazon Japan. I find it rather hard to believe that they didn’t have the complete-in-box copy of Virtual Bowling listed on Amazon Japan at the lower asking price such a short time ago, but all of a sudden they now have a complete-in-box copy for a much higher asking price:


In any case, if you want to spend way more money for it than anybody else ever, here’s your chance!

He even has 2 copies of Bowling, but waaaaaaaay too overpriced. I was thinking more around 1000/1400 USD…

Marioguy wrote:
He even has 2 copies of Bowling, but waaaaaaaay too overpriced. I was thinking more around 1000/1400 USD…

Actually, I’m pretty sure they listed the same copy twice. If one of them sells, it will just be said that the other one is out of stock if somebody tries to purchase it before the auction gets taken down.

Well, still searching….


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