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Now with the flashboy comming soon. We’ll beable to download the ROM of some games and demo’s into the cart and play it in the VB. Now I’ve seen some people post translation downloads for some games. This allows you to view the games in a different language. Now do these patches just affect the emulators ? or does it actually change the rom’s ? I was hopeing to play some japanese games in english on the VB.


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The patches are for the ROMs, not the emulator. See it this way: you have a game that runs under Windows and you download a translation patch for that game. That patch modifies the game, not Windows. In this example, Windows = emulator and game = ROM, so the patches are for the ROM.

As for the translations, I am looking forward to play Space Squash in English, which somebody (I can’t remember the user now, sorry) has translated to English recently. I would also like to know how to play SD Gundam. I know it’s crappy, but I’d like to know how to play it :P.

Thats wonderful news 🙂

Has anyone tried to program any other changes in rom’s ?

i did two other translations (to german) for jack bros and teleroboxer. the jack bros one also contains some graphic hacks.

there are also patches by parasyte which enable debug functions for jack bros, panic bomber, vertical force and virtual bowling. all can be found on the respective game pages under “downloads”.

Does anyone know if there are any Japanese to English translations of any of the instruction manuals or content on the boxes of any of the Virtual Boy games available online? If not, I think it would be great if someone who knows Japanese and English, who is also a Virtual Boy fan and who would like to make a great contribution to the Virtual Boy community, would be so kind as to begin working on these for publication on this site. Of course, this could also happen in a Japanese to German form, if there are any who are capable of this. I can’t even begin to start translating Japanese to English with the help of translation software programs, but if I had at least rough English translations of some things, I would certainly be willing to put in the time to make them read properly in English.

Another question would be: Does anyone have an awesome OCR program, which could convert the Japanese text that appears in the scans of the manuals on this site into digital format? If I had the Japanese text in digital format, I probably COULD begin working on these by myself, and then I might just need to ask a few questions here and there to one who actually speaks Japanese and English.


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