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I’ve got a VB without a stand, so I made a simple clip to fasten a tripod to.

I’m using one of those cheap mini camera tripods, but it should work with any (as the screw is a standard size).

I’ll put the file on Thingiverse if anyone wants to 3D print one.

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Cool idea, but it looks like it’s a beast to put on, and impossible to get off. If I made one, I’d probably make it in two halves screwed together with captive nuts or something.

No, it’s pretty easy to get on (ABS is quite flexible).

Little harder to get off, but it’s something that you’d leave on the console. Got to be a tight fit to support the console at an angle.

Let me send you one to try out.

MineStorm wrote:
Let me send you one to try out.

Actually, I recently got an upgraded printer, and I’ve been wanting to try ABS (I finally have a heated bed!). If you just put it on Thingiverse and post the link, I’ll give it a whirl. I even have a 1/4-20 tap handy to clean out the hole. Be sure to include the recommended print settings (infill, support, etc.).

very intuitive and inventive! Props to you! Tho I think stands can be found on ebay for like $15-20 can;t they?

MineStorm wrote:

Cool, thanks! BTW, what infill % did you use? Did you add any extra shells to allow for threading the hole? Did you thread the hole, or just force the tripod screw into it?

50% infill, 3 shells.

just force the tripod screw into it?

Yes – works OK.

BTW I’ve just added another version which uses a screw insert.


Price for a completed one with mount screw insert?

Just pay me the shipping ($5).

(BTW I’ll 3D print it in red).

Wow, thank you Richard!


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