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I’m looking into the feasibility for a project. What I want to do is connect U8 (DC voltage regulator) pins 5 & 6 on the motherboard to my own 5V power source without soldering or actually removing the U8. I tried this out using test leads and verified that the system does indeed work this way. Long-term usage is another issue that I need to look into.

In order to attach 2 wires for power without removing U8, I believe I’d need to mount them on the pins extending out from the bottom of the board. They appear to be at a 2.54 mm pitch. Each of these only extends for about 1 mm beyond the blob of solder, not leaving much to grip onto. Further, they’re at an angle not perpendicular to the motherboard.

Would anyone with knowledge of PCB components know of a good part for this usage case? Ideally, the part would have a minimum vertical profile, sending wires out parallel to the motherboard.

Thanks for your input.

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