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Can anyone tell me roughly how much I should pay for a vitual boy boxed and a virtual boy unboxed as im looking to purchase one.
Can anyone point me in the right direction where to purchase one.

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Rear one ebay the best is around a Virtual Boy to gotten, online Shops has usually made too expensive prices, but have also usually the new commodity;)
Boxed new: 100€+ (approx. 120$) (with all foils and which like that everything was thereby)
lose with Stand and Controller: one already receives with Ebay.com for under 40€ (approx. 50$) Greetz Christian
PS: one can also more favorably get it, it arrives natural only on the offer 😉

Yeah, those prices are pretty good, but it can vary depending on how many and what games come with it. i.e. a virtual boy with the box and everything else is $120, but buying one in that same condition, minus box, with 10 games, it would cost a lot more. Supply and demand can be a bitch, can’t it?


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