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Once again an article written by someone who I strongly assume has never experienced a VB, which mentions unproven information as fact. As a writer/journalist, I can not begin to explain how much this upsets me. I’m drafting a letter to the editor, which hopefully will not fall on blind eyes. This trend of 5 min worth of research before writing an Internet article has to stop, especially when it comes to the VB.

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Wow, that whole article is full of mis information. Finally enjoy games head ache free? You gotta be kidding me..


The source article is just as bad. It quotes some random Reddit user as if they were a factual source of information.

Sadly, I don’t think the VB will ever stop being hated.


Where did the idea that the red color of the Virtual Boy was the cause of headaches even come from? And why the heck would the cardboard setup cause less eye-strain than the Virtual Boy’s setup? You’re still looking at two images overlapping each other in both cases! I can see why the cardboard setup might cause less neck strain for people, though, as one does have to have a good and comfortable setup for playing the Virtual Boy, in order to prevent neck strain.

Virtual Boy stuff already commands high prices. Think of how much more it would be if everyone knew how cool this console actually is.

Let the sheep follow the herd, more power to the people who actually try new things. I just got an N Gage, man, that thing seems to fall in the same group as the Virtual Boy. Because of that though i was able to get a prototype beta version of an Elder scrolls game for pretty cheap.

Typical, someone bashing the VB without experiencing it first hand. I think the new VR is more damaging to your health than the VB supposedly does. I tried it for about 30 seconds and my eyes hurt immediately, the VB takes 30 minutes before that happens and its mild.


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