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i’m new to vboy and i’m a developper and i’ll try to make some demo on this wonderfull system but is there a way to use the rom ( the one i’ll code/compile using the Vbgcc) on the virtual boy ? or when you code for vboy the only way to use it is :
1- own a vboy developpement kit
2- to use your code on emulators available on the net

let me know please and by the way do you know how much cost a vboy developpement kit ? and where to find this ( i think it might be expensive and almost unfoundable now unfortunatly)

Thx a lot 🙂

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You’ll want to build a reprogrammable cartridge if you wish to play your games on hardware. Here are a few links that can help get you started.


I’m not sure if you have already seen these or not, but they are about the best way to go.

ho thx i’ll have a look on those by the way is it possible to put downloaded rom on it to play them on virtual boy ( like linker for GBA for example) because there’s some very very expensive game wich i want to try before buy ( gundam, space invader etc … )

do you know if someone sell such thing or i’ll have to do it myself ?

thx a lot for your answer mate.

Welcome to the forum, McFly.

I think it’s safe to say you should just forget about the official kits. Any that aren’t already in the hands of VB fans have probably been returned to Nintendo and (probably) recycled/destroyed… *sniff*

Follow Parasyte’s advice and make a cart. The only thing restricting what ROMs you can put on it is the size, which is determined by the Flash chip(s) you use. There are (I think) 4 games that are 2MB, (16Mbit) but most are 1MB (8Mbit) or smaller. And, of course, most demos are only around 64KB (512KBit.)

What he forgot (or chose not) to mention, is that you also need a way of programming the chip(s.) For this, I recommend buying or making a Willem programmer (http://www.willem.org.)

Or, if you would rather take a small risk than spend the money, you can use the “BIOS swap trick” and an old PC. (You can find info on this on some XBox modding sites, or just Google it.)

If you want the cart to be physically small, you should use PLCC chips because, even socketed, they’re quite tiny. But, if you do, you’ll most likely have to get/make an adapter for the device programmer. (I got one with my Willem, since it was so cheap.)

Good luck,

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I think you have the wrong VB.

For Visual Basic, try the Xtreme VB Forum


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