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First an unrelated problem I noticed. I cannot sign in to my account for this website on my Motorola g7 wit Android 10. Is that just a flaw I have to live with?

already have one fight stick already for Multiple Consoles.

I notice that with the Cthulhu changing into one of its other forms (PS2/DC/Xbox/GC/SNES/NES/SS/TG16/USB) cannot usually be electronically changed into another form. Like for example go into an SNES to 3DO connector.

But passive changes might work.

What almost always works is PCB Pad Hacking. But the Virtual Boy has a new wrinkle of the controller supplying power to the system. So I don’t know if padlocking will work, and whether it works better with batteries or AC adapter.

If someone has a “One input one wire” joystick if that can be easily converted to work with VB. All that needs is the right spots know to solder on a real Nintendo brand VB controller.

Or if one knows a passive converter for SNES-> VB, I’d like help in acquiring something.

By the way,, I just can’t use a regular SNES fight stick because I prefer right handed Joysticks and active adapters don’t quite work right o the Cthulhu. A direct Cthulhu/Brook Retro/PS360+ to VB wire would be nice.

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