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Introducing “The VB Decade Case”
To order:

takes 1-3 weeks to build

My proudest creation made with TLC.
Truly a necessity for the VB community. A reproduction blockbuster case but with enhanced upgrades.
-These photos shows an incomplete build but final designs. Just waiting for decal for the last step.
These are completely redesigned from my Blockbuster kits and I had to start from scratch.

You are ordering these complete, no DIY needed!

Here are your order options:

North America Case: Can hold all 14 North American Game Cartridges

Japan Case: Can hold all 19 Japanese Game Cartridges

Classic Case: Design more accurate as a reproduction, no cut outs for video games

-Each decal has a model and serial number.

(NEW)The controller hole has been updated and can hold the battery pack while attached to the controller.

These cases are manufactured from prime, high-density polyethylene, with double wall construction. The textured exteriors resist dents, cracking and scuffs. The shells are unaffected by extreme temperatures. The hardware features mechanical latches that are field replaceable, and a mechanical hinge system that is made to last. All cases meet U.S. 94B Specifications as an electrical insulator and are impervious to chemical attack.
Polyethylene foam is resilient, closed-cell foam ideally suited as the material or a component material required for shock absorption and vibration dampening. Additionally, it functions as insulation, buoyancy and barrier components and as cushioning material in packaging.

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Well, I don’t need one, because my case is still in great shape, but I must say that this is pretty damn impressive. Truly a labor of love. Not cheap, but you can definitely see the work involved. And I’m glad to see it’s not an exact replica, because the original should still be distinct.

It’s funny that you say the Japan version can hold all 19 Japanese games – it’s great that you put the space in there for that, but can you see anyone actually stacking their Gundam, SI, VLab and Insmouse in there? 😉

Really impressive work!

You can put a repro of these titles in there 🙂

This looks excellent. Great job!

Thank you guys for the comments, its nice to see feedback. I usually don’t get much. I’m always gonna improve and make revisions when I can.

I’ve also added a 3rd option “Classic” which has no game cut outs for anyone that want a more accurate repo. I cant imagine selling these but its a choice LOL

Perhaps this option will be more popular with customers who own flashboys, HyperFlash32 and MultiBoy

This has been added to eBay as well, cost more because of eBay fees so I still recommend my link if you live in the US to order.

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adding two barcodes to the inside of Decade Case. left original

Are these cases still available?

not at the moment but I am looking into bringing back blockbuster replacement foam and if it goes well, then I will get this back on the ground

Thank you! Please let me know. Will purchase a case ASAP

Hey there, just wondering if there was any update to the possibility of you making cases again. Thanks!

Yes here is a photo of progress, the new foam is charcoal regular. It will be softer and most likely the same foam Nintendo used. Also its 4″ thick which is how it used to be as well. The old foam design I used was 2″ stacked because it was too expensive.

I’ve sent an email to the housing to cut the .50″ foam. My machinery could not cut it because it was too light weight and moved and could not make a clean cut.

Once I hear back, I approve then they ship it and I order some empty boxes.

There will be 10-12 available of blockbuster foam kits. Then I can move onto VB decade case. I can’t guarantee all 3 choices will be there.

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Awesome. If I didn’t already have a Blockbuster case I would jump on the ‘VB Decade case’, it looks amazing!

Put me in line to order a Blockbuster Foam set, my original foam is totally disintegrating at this point.

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Curious if there is any update on this?


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