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I’ve looked at the pictures you guys have and they look SO good. I was just wondering how much they usually go for? And is the height of the head unit adjustable?

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Price depends on which of the stands you are interested in buying. On pretty much all of the models, the height of the head unit was adjustable. All but the Japanese counter top disply that merely had a simple base plate and made use of the actual ‘tripod’ that comes with the VB itself. A U.S. counter display just sold on ebay for $250 and appeared in good condition, but it was missing a lot of stuff(base plate and inserts). I honestly didn’t expect it to sell fo so much.

There is still one more up righ tnow that looks decent, but is missing the base plate as well. At the moment, that one is going for about $355 with only a few hours left. I posted the links in the main forum in the noteworthy auctions thread. I, myself, own the same model. Mine is complete with the inserts and base plate. I won’t say what I paid for it just in case any bidders are reading this. I don’t wand to suade the auction either way. Though, I will state that one has sold in the past for over a grand. But, that was a while ago and the VB market on ebay fluxuates so much, it seems to bare little relevance.

I hope this gave you a little insight.


Thank you for being so informative. I have been watching the one’s on ebay for some time. Unfortunately I can’t afford to bid right now.
I know these things are rare. Do they pop up on ebay often?

I have only ever seen one up for auction other than the two that just ended. And it was the same model. That is not to say that there haven’t been more. I’m just stressing that they don’t go up often. Maybe by the time another one goes up, you’ll be able to afford a bid 😉

I want one quite badly I must admit.

…Has anyone considered getting the dimensions of the displays and making a DIY one?
(Like an arcade cabinet, but crappier. :-P)

Heh, the thought had occurred to me, but then I remembered that I’m as clumsy as hell and can never make anything XD

A VB game cabinet? Now that’s a sweet idea. I could easily make one. Perhaps out of sheet metal since i am a sheet metal worker and all. Still, a nice cherry wood would look super sweet.

I didn’t mean an actual cabinet, instead getting the displays dimensions and making your own display stand.
Like the way there are DIY arcade cabinets around…

That’d be pretty sweet to modify a Battlezone arcade (the one with the Periscope) with a VB display. It’s really easy (and cheap) to find a stripped one, since the vector monitors and PCBs are usually taken to repair others. You could also modify the dual joysticks to control the D-Pads and add the A,B,Start,Select and trigger buttons.



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