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Are there still VB-emulators for the PC under development? I will soon get my new 3D monitor (LG D2342P) and I would like to play some VB games with an emulator in 3D. To support my monitor (and the Zalman monitors as well) there only needs to be a new output option: Fullscreen in native resolution (in my case FullHD) line interlaced (odd lines from the left picture and even lines from the right picture or t5he other way round). I would use every line of the right and every line of the left picture and double the pixels horisontally. This way no picture information would be lost, the picture would be 4 times bigger than in native VB resolution and the aspect ratio would still be OK. The rest of the pictrure could be just black or maybe a fancy 3D background with emulatorname or something like that?! πŸ™‚
Maybe it is hard to understand what I try to say because of my bad english but the programming should be quit easy. πŸ™‚

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The mednafen 0.9 WIP has excellent VB support, and it also supports horizontal interlaced mode. The relevant setting is “vb.3dmode hli”. Be sure to read the notes at the top of the VB documentation page about setting the scaling numbers and using full-screen mode.

Thank you very much! I didn’t know mednafen but I will test it.

Mednafen works great but it was hard to get everything configured the way I want it. Now I can play VB games with my regular VB, my HMVB and also with my PC in real 3D. πŸ™‚
I thought about the USB-mod for an original VB controller but now I use a gamepad which works quit nice. I bought this one. Pearl had it twice as a special offer for 3,99euro so maybe it is a good idea to wait a while?!

in real 3D.

Well, in real perceived 3D, anyway. πŸ˜› And that head-mounted VB looks awesome.


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