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marioflyThe whole Virtual Boy scene seems to be infected by the programming-fever at the moment, because after nothing happened concerning VB Programming for about 2 years, several new homebrewn demos have now been released.

It all started 2 weeks ago, when Amos Bieler a.k.a. Runnerpack posted a description on the vgchat.com Virtual Boy Board about how to make a great frontend for the Virtual-E C Compiler out of a text editor called Ultraedit. On the following days Runnerpack’s Hello, World! Demo and Lameboyadvance’s Veebee Cursor Demo (both based on the Virtual-E Cursor Demo) as well as Frostgiant’s Mario Flying Demo (left pic) were released. I couldn’t resist the fascination of Virtual Boy coding either and messed around with VECC today. You can download my VB Rocks! Demo by clicking here.

A nice new tool called VeeBee Charmap, which lets you convert images to VECC-compatible HWord arrays, was also released a few days ago.

If you’re now interested in making your own Virtual Boy demos or even games, you should get VeeBee charmap, the Virtual-E C Compiler as well as David Tucker’s VB Programmer’s Manual and visit the Virtual Boy Board for even more info. All the above demos also contain the respective C source codes, which are very good to learn from. If you also bring along some basic programming skills and some patience, nothing should remain in the way between you and your own VB programs…

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