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I would like to build a Virtual Boy link cable. What’s the maximum length for a link cable?

I would need 3 meters because of my Store Display. Is that too long?

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At the speed the VB clocks data, and with the levels being +5V and GND, I’d guess that 3 meters would be completely doable.


If you wanted to go REALLY long distances, you could get six op-amps and use differential signalling over some CAT-5 or other twisted-pair cable (see this patent for a schematic).

Yes, this post is somewhat in jest, but it would be possible (though overkill for just 3 meters) and you would actually have a use for the 5V supply at both ends 😉

some time last year, i’ve built a link cable using the cable from a snes 3rd party rgb cable i modified for one of the plugs, but it did not work (instead locked up the virtual boys if i remember correctly). might it be the cable? should i use a cat5 instead?

i have a box of those snes rgb cables and could build maybe 8 or 9 cables with them.


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