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New theme shows some old consoles~~

Unusual for the VB to show up in these kinds of things, not holding my breath for VB emulation, but crossing fingers…

Seen on TinyCartridge.com

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So, literally, the VB finally appears on the 3DS. 😉


Doesn’t mean anything. It’s a Nintendo console at heart, bomb or not.

Well, it’s not a Nintendo console at heart – it IS a Nintendo console, however over the years it’s always been the ugly child, always hidden at the back as a reminder of fragility.

So that’s what it means, it signals that the company are being a bit more accepting of the VB, on a system where the pros (and cons) are more obvious and relative.

Given the question has been asked about VB games on the Virtual Console before – this will be seen as a hint, and therefore Nintendo knowing this (and still including it) is a positive sign, albeit a small one.

So, I was never suggesting it shouldn’t be included – only that it is interesting that it’s included.

finally a theme worth having on the 3DS, will have to pick this one up, I had given up looking at them a long time ago as nothing grabbed my interest, thanks for showing it.

My Nephew came to my house with his new 3DS ‘running’ Wario Land in 3D. Turned out to be a 3D YouTube clip 🙁

Ah dang it, looks like its a JPN only theme, I can’t find it for my UK or US 3DS, hope it does come to us.

awesome theme but I highly doubt it is a hint because I thought of the same thing when I saw the virtual boy appearing in the Animal Crossing New Leaf game. Eventually I realized that Nintendo just did it because….well it’s Nintendo! Everyone knows that Nintendo does weird things but most of all I think it’s safe to say that TONS of 1st party nintendo games have nintendo related easter eggs/nods/etc and I always enjoy seeing stuff like this. I’m going to buy that theme now that you posted it!


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