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Hi all,

Since the VB was the most underestimated Video game machine around, I was wondering… Did you guys ever played some games with another fellow gamer that had the same passion about the console?

I Tried finding one for many years, and finally I found one with the same interrest in the VB as me. It seams we are not many that understand the true potential of the Red machine.

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Next person that loves VB as I do is actually DrAetzn, only about 300 km away ;D

When I showed the VB to my best friend once, he borrowed it for quite some time and beat all my Galactic Pinball highscores… He never played it again after that, but that’s in is nature, he never can’t keep his interest for something up for longer than a week max. ;D Hmm, actually he played VB one more time, when I showed Blox to him.


well, generally in my town here no one likes the vb, i brang it to friends, they liked it, but didnt get the fsacination i got and buy this thing.. but i have also found krisse of course and also some guys living in bavaria and east germany who are really big fans.. but its generally easier for us to find fellow gamers, because of our nice little site in the web :vbsmile:

Amen to that! Long live virtualboy.net!

we prefer to call it planetvb.com ~_~

No, “Planet Virtual Boy” ;p
/me slaps DrAetzn around with a large Xbrick ehm box


Ouch! You’re gona kill the guy!


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