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Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2009


Product Teardown: Nintendo Virtual Boy
Wednesday, April 1, 12:30-1:30

At ESC Silicon Valley, Allan Yogasingam, technology analyst with TechOnline, will take a look inside this “portable” system and determine whether it was the design, the games, or the experience that led to its quick demise.

Last year’s ESC teardown:

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whether it was the design


the games


or the experience

sometimes yes

And lets not forget the price.

But hey, I enjoy it 🙂

Either way, sounds like it’d be a heckuva lot of fun to attend.

Sweet… that is really cool! I wonder what the odds are of getting work to send me out there… well, hopefully they’ll have a recording of it online or something.


EE Times Japan Virtual Boy Tear Down 2009/06/15


Looks interesting, can anybody translate?

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the 2 reasons this system failed is the display and the way you view it. when your done playing you head hurts along with your body (from w/e way u were sitting or hunched over looking into it)

I only had a headache _once_ in my whole life because of it, and that was when I first played it. But I was sick and dehydrated.


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