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wariotvHere we are again with a new server and fresh motivation. Because of a server change at Vidgames, we unfortunately ran out of webspace for our massive amount of stuff for some weeks, but the guys worked on it and got us new webspace, so that we could bring the site back online in no time (best greetings to the vid-crew!).

According to the long time we were offline, there are of course a lot of nice updates for you today. Thanks to Freeze, we got some screenshots of the Virtual Boy Wario Land TV commercial (pic on the left)! Besides this, i added some info about all Virtual Boy TV commercials. Also from Freeze we got screenshots of the movie Tokyo Eyes, in which the Virtual Boy could be seen. Videos of Tokyo Eyes and possibly even the VB Wario Land Commercial will follow soon!

Additionally, we got five (!) new gamefaqs for Red Alarm, Teleroboxer, V-Tetris, VB Wario Land (all by Brian Hodges) and 3D Tetris, the VB trading cards and another black VB Cap in the merchandise section, 3 new articlescans from EGM (1/96, 10/96 and 11/96) and, again thanks to Freeze, a comic from Famitsu (704), some new (old) auctions in the ebay history and an update of the gameideas with Double Dragon 2 by Aaron Bossig. Plus, the Videos section underwent a complete restauration with new videos and the possibility to view them online.

A brandnew Virtual Boy utility has been released by David Williamson aka Lameboyadvance. It is called “VeeBee Utilities” and is an all-in-one proggy featuring a rom database, emulator frontends, a tile viewer and much more. Very nice! You can get the 0.9 beta at David’s new homepage at http://www.veebee.cjb.net, or in our new utilities section.

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