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Here is the brand new version 1.2.1 of VBDE, your all-in-one portable Virtual Boy development environment, including the new version 5.1 of the VUEngine.

VBDE Changelog

  • [Pro] Updated IDEA to 2017.1
  • Condensed toolbar
  • [Pro] New toolbar button icons
  • [Pro] Made compiler output clickable
  • Bugfix: default makefile caused build folder to be nested into itself recursively
  • Bugfix: libgccvb projects were not setting up the column table and thus not ran on hardware
  • Rewrote batch files so that images and stages no longer have to reside in assets/images/ and assets/stages/, but can be anywhere under the project root
  • Extended conversion tools to support VUEngine’s new “__ANIMATED_SINGLE_OPTIMIZED” animation type
  • Updated Mednafen to 0.9.43
  • New launcher by thunderstruck
  • Updated VUEngine as well as its Barebone and Platformer Demo to v5.1

VUEngine Changelog

  • Added the ability to have multiple collision shapes per Entity
  • Major refactor and simplification of predefined in-game Entities to a modular system
  • Added new animation scheme “__ANIMATED_SINGLE_OPTIMIZED”
  • Support for multiplexed interrupts
  • New PRNG
  • Added new ReflectiveEntity, which can do real-time reflections of other Entities
  • Added PostProcessingEffects array to the Stage definition
  • Added support to modify the printing World’s position and size
  • Added support to modify the Screen’s camera frustum
  • Added memory map check to alert on DRAM overflows
  • Fixed support for 25 FPS
  • Added new “beta” build mode
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements
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