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Here is the brand new version 1.2.2 of VBDE, your all-in-one portable Virtual Boy development environment, including the new version 5.2 of the VUEngine.

VBDE Changelog

  • [Pro] Updated IDEA to 2017.3.4
  • Updated Mednafen to 0.9.48
  • Added an additional VUEngine sample project: VUE-MASTER
  • Updated VUEngine as well as its Barebone and Platformer Demo to v5.2

VUEngine Changelog

  • Physics engine:
    • Simulation of friction and elasticity phenomena.
  • Collisions engine:
    • Supports collisions between rotated cuboids and spheres.
    • Implemented solid particles.
  • Memory management:
    • Implemented a faster algorithm for dynamic memory allocation.
  • Spatial information representation:
    • Converted the unit for spatial data from pixels to meters.
    • Changed the underlying fixed math type from 19.13 to 10.6 to reduce the memory footprint and improve the performace by avoiding software based algorithms for multiplication and division on big numbers
    • Simplified the writing of stages, entities, sprites, etc., by using pixel units internally converted to meters by the engine.
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Finally … birth of the VUE-MASTER!

congratulations!! :vb: :vb:


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