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ROM Graphix is a utility to load, convert and resave ROM graphics data in either bitmap (BMP) or ROM (dat) form.

It can do the following formats:
* 1bpp SNES, Linear
* 2bpp SNES/GB, NES, Linear, VB Tile, VB Linear
* 3bpp SNES
* 4bpp SNES, Genesis, Linear, SuperFX Low, SuperFX High
* 8bpp Mode7 Linear, Mode7 Interleaved, SNES, Linear
* 16bpp N64 (High Color)
* 32bpp N64 (True Color)
It can also handle files that use multiple data sources such as SuperFX, N64 and Mode7 interleaved data.

It is coded in MSVB, so it can be a bit slow, and it does have colour loss at resloutions below 24 bit.
It also comes with 2 data insertion/extraction apps to insert/remove ROM GFA data.

AFAIK, this is the only util that can handle VB linear format.

You can download it from my website.

edit: MSVB, not C. C is actually fast. 😉

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Wow, great work! Gotta update the Utils section soon 😀


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