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Hello everyone,

I just started programming some basic VirtualBoy stuff and everything is working fine so far. However, if I flash my Roms onto a FlashBoy every Image seems to be separated by bold vertical lines.

If I run the Rom in RealityBoy everything looks fine. The lines only seem to appear if I compile Roms by myself. If I am flashing a precompiled Rom on to the FalshBoy everything is fine. I compiled different demos, used different versions of the libgccvb, used different compiler options and used different options when padding the Rom but nothing fixed the problem.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi. It may be that the crt0.o you’re using isn’t setting up the column table correctly. Try the one I’ve attached.

Well, that fixed the problem. Thanks allot.

dasi wrote:
… Try the one I’ve attached.

Hey, dasi, could you post the source code?



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