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DanB has just released even another great plugin for Virtual-Environment aka VIDE.


  • Select/copy/paste/flip large areas at once
  • Fill large areas with a single tile, or with a repeating pattern of tiles
  • Delete cells on the map
  • Remembers the flip state when pasting a tile
  • Set the palette to be used for individual map cells
  • Play around with the different palette configurations to see the effect it will have
  • Keyboard hotkeys for all options
  • Set the unused bit 11 of each map cell. I figured it can be used as a flag for starting positions of objects/enemies or for map collision detection or whatever
  • Options to easily see which cells are flipped/have a different palette/are flagged
  • As you move around the map, the current tile can be highlighted in the charmap below
  • ‘Replace all’ option. Copy and paste a single tile, and all other cells using that same tile will be modyfied as well.
  • Unlimited undo steps for all map modifications
  • Animation preview. Set up a sub-sequence of tiles for any char on the charmap, adjust the timer interval in ms, and watch the action as it would look on the VB!
  • Complete source code (ugly, but well-commented) is included as a Visual Studio 2008 project (Hi RunnerPack )
  • I’m also including all source code for my previous VIDE plugins (*AS IS*)

Download & Discussion: DanB’s VIDE “Advanced Map Editor” Plugin.


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where i can dowload this 😕

I see the original link is broken, but you can get it on the
VIDE page still.

Do you know how the program works?

I should, I’m the one who made it (the plugin, not VIDE) 😉
Is there anything in particular you’re wondering?


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