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i guess not. sooo fake. ;P

Heh, those graphics are waaaay too smooth.

Actually, that’s real… I’ve got the ROM around here somewhere.


o_O !?

and when were u planning on telling everyone this …?

Heh, everyone saw it on Ferry’s site, didn’t they? 😉 Actually, it was an April Fools favor I did for Ferry… I made a mock up cart and ROM which is just a few pre-rendered 3D graphics. Then Ferry made a few sentences which he translated to Japanese, and then back to English, and out popped Engrish 😀 . I’ve got the ROM around here somewhere, but it’s really not anything interesting.



That gives me an idea though… someone should make a game similar to the Dragon’s Lair arcade game (or any other laserdisc game)… there’s virtually no gameplay, but they look nice 😉 .


I thought thats what PlayStation was for. 😉


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