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You probably heard the rumour about a new Virtual Boy coming out in 2005. I wondered what you all think about it…

I for myself am not sure about it. On the one hand it would take away the uniqueness from the Virtual Boy and make it less interesting, but on the other hand a VB2 with today’s technical possibilities would be what the Virtual Boy should have been, but couldn’t because it was too much ahead of it’s time . Imagine a unit the size of a pair of sunglasses, powered by Lithium Ion Accus, with a cordless controller (maybe with 2 analog sticks) and fully colored games 😎 So I think the bottom line is, yes, I would like to see a new Virtual Boy.

What’s your opinion about a VB2, how would or wouldn’t you like it to be, and which games would you love to play on it?


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I thought some of you may find this interesting…

Now, from the looks of the handheld shown above, it does not look like we are getting any kind of 3-D or VR type of system. It looks more like what most people suspected. Which is a second screen for maps and the like.

It’s funny how history has a way of repeating itself. If this keeps up, I’m sure that Nintendo will dust off the old VB idea and put it to use again within the next decade (crosses finger’s).

I should probably give credit to the site where I got the photos from. It’s at THIS LINK . It’s an interesting article.

please excuse any typos from above as i am currently drunk 😉

The DS looks very similar to the old Game&Watch systems, but thats all they have in common!

Both screens will be in 3D.
I saw a demo of Metroid Prime Hunters, where the belower screen (the touchscreen) was used for playing the game using the pen includet in the case. The upper screen was used to show the map.
I think It’s a so called twin system. One system (and one CPU) for each screen. Graphics better than N64 on both screens!

Yeah, but I still find it funny how a “revolutionary” idea is a half-blast from the past. Seeing as how the Game & Watch utilized 2 different screens for the same game. It’s just interesting is all. I would certainly hope the resemblance ends there.

That’s the gayest system I’ve seen Nintendo make. I’ll just buy them all an break them!

lol, good luck with that.

Damn fool! Give them to me before you gonna destroy them!
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Just remember; though both screen are able to display 3D graphics, only one screen at a time will be able to (hardware limitation). Unless someone finds a way around this limitation, you will probably not see any games using both screens to their fullest potential.

Thats wrong I think! The DS will include two main processors. One for each screen. And so there can be 3D graphics on both screens. Or am I wrong?


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