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So I decided to build my own version since they cost so much on eBay.
I built this out of 1/8 steel and the letters are 3/8 thick, measures at 9×19
Welded through the back. This is made of 3 layers, base, frame and letters
Also two holes for mounting or hanging

If you would like to order one let me know, they cost $350 plus shipping, handmade and made in the USA.

I work in aerospace and run 2 waterjet machines
So custom orders can be possible when I have the time~

(Not final photo) wasn’t finished painting

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Wow… Impressive!

Looks cool, good quality craftsmanship.

You were able to reproduce it quite faithfully, good job!

I agree, it looks like an official Nintendo display.

Now sell it on eBay for like three thousand dollars?

It still needs a red light installed and red plexiglass over the top of Virtual Boy cut into the exact oval.

Looks awesome!!

Wow that looks great!

Very nice! I might have to do something similar with my 3D printer…

That looks great. Makes me want to work with metal again.

my next plan is to make it out of mostly acrylic next which will allow me to sell them at a much lower cost. About $140

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At $140 I’d be interested for sure! How much to have it light up?

I’m not sure, I would need some funding to play around with to experiment. That way I could implement into the product. Especially since I have little knowledge of wiring or what you or others would want it to look come out looking like.

Right now my concern is cutting the letters out as acrylic as they can crack and break easily. Its impossible to have a lead-in to prevent this with certain letters like e and A.
I do tag the whole word as one piece which makes cuts cleaner and prevents me from them dropping in my machine and losing them

Revisions I know i will be doing is make the word nintendo 1/8 flat to make the VIRTUAL BOY more 3d. as well as making the VB word even thicker at 1/2 rather than 3/8

Something I will look into in the far future, though I know it won’t light up at all like this. Perhaps led strips at most, but adding a thicker shell with a red transparent glass front would be very costly. I think that alone would be extra 70.

Way to difficult to keep price reasonable, 3d printing the shell is probably cheaper but I don’t have one. To be honest 1.5 to 2” would be best result I feel.

Wood would work~
Something I’ll tinker with in the far future like I say :p

Getting started, few more day to see final result


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