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Our user Tighe Lory has created a fantastic arcade style cabinet for the Virtual Boy, inspired after Atari’s Battlezone. He even dedicated in the memory of the Virtual Boy’s creator Gunpei Yokoi.

Check his blog for an in-depth description, photos and even a video of the project.

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That is totally AWESOME!!!

You da man, Tighe!

And Engadget is right there behind you, making a stupid headache joke at your expense.


That’s really OUTSTANDING!!! 😀

I dislike how many articles mentioning new VB news (or people mentioning the VB in general) have to make headache/nausea/seizures/blindness/constipation/heart failure/soul taking/brainwashing/destruction of the world jokes… >:(

I am selling it to buy a pinball if anyone is interested:


Did you end up selling it?

What Pinball game?

Nice job, congratulations! :thumpup:

meanwhile the system gives me none of those symptoms. No nausea, seizures, headaches etc. Now Spyroe The Dragon on PS gave me a seizure when it came out. The maker of the game actually gave me a replacement game made by their company. Other than that, no game ever affected me.


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